7 reasons why you should start steaming your natural hair



Hey guys! Today I wanted to share how I use my Q-redew and why it’s an important step in my hair regimen. As you know, I recently highlighted my hair, which means my hair needs a lot of moisture, and TLC.  I hope you’ve heard of Q-redew by now, but in-case you haven’t, it’s a handheld steamer that’s seriously a game changer guys. I could tell you all about it, but go ahead and watch my video to see how I use it. I created the graphics above to share some benefits of steam, which Q-redew definitely delivers. From now until Valentine’s Day, Q-redew is having a sale. You can save 10 dollars off your purchase with the code “bemine”. 

Do you steam your hair? If you, have you noticed a difference in the health of your hair?




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