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I wore this outfit to dinner on my birthday and I wanted to share deets here on the blog:

Denim: Topshop| Shoes: Louboutin via Barney’s| Top and Earrings: Shop Emmalyn Love: Bag: Henri Bendel

embroidered top

  There’s something about making self discoveries that makes you go “ah-hah”  My friend from the 3rd grade sent me a picture of myself from “the teenage years” and I chuckled and thought, “Oh, what I would say to that girl now”  Like seriously, what would you say to your younger self? 

I shared in my last post about we can get so much clarity by spending time with God.  A few people, actually more than a few resonated with my post on instagram and sent me personal messages about how they too can relate to my post about not running to God first. 

See the thing about running to  or sharing with people is that you unintentionally invite them to have opinions on how/what they think you should do or accept.  You create your own reality of what is acceptable/comfortable to and for you.  I read a quote once that says “it’s hard to recognize God’s voice in a storm” and I thought about that long and hard and I think while that may be true at times. It can be hard to hear His voice even when there is no storm. If you’re busy listening to everyone else, how can you decipher what He’s trying to say to you?



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