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5 women owned businesses you need to know

I’m doing a different type of post today!

In honor of Women’s History Month, I thought it’d be great to dedicate a post to women owned businesses that I use and love! It was very difficult to narrow this post to five businesses to highlight because quite frankly, theres a ton of women owned business I support.

Elle-Vie-body-butter,5 women owned businesses you need to know

The first one is something I  got my hands on last fall, and that is this Elle Vie body butter. This was a gift from the Bella Kinks expo. If you’re not scent sensitive, this whipped body butter is a treat for the senses and your skin. It throughly moisturizes and leaves my skin feeling luxurious. I’ve only used it once or twice, like when I really want to pamper myself. A little really goes a long way, trust me. It’s the lightest body butter I’ve ever used. It’s fascinating how something so light packs a powerful punch. This is the scent “Girls Night Out”. They carry a few more scents and I believe an unscented version as well.


I love Eden Body Works products for my hair; and they’ve recently launched their new skincare line. I gotta tell you, it over delivers, or maybe I wasn’t expecting much from a hair care company.  Either way, this body wash and lotion is a treat to my skin. If you’re not familiar with EdenBodyWorks, it was started by Jasmine Lawrence when she was 13. THIRTEEN, you guys! If this doesn’t motivate you, then I don’t know.


Sweetspot Labs– Ok, let me keep it super transparent for a second. I love my body washes; Dove, Shea Moisture Black Soap, but I always have wanted something different for down there. Yeah, I warned you. Sweet Spot Labs shower gel is super gentle to use down there. It can be used on your entire body as well, but I specifically use it to cleanse my “sweet spot’ LOL! They even have wipes which are perfect to stash in your purse for on the go. I mean, it’s created specifically to cleanse your area. Made for women by women.  

TGIN-curl-bomb,5 women owned business you need to know

TGIN– I am a HUGE Fan of Thank God it’s Natural. If you guys haven’t tried this brand, you need to; especially the hair mask. Today, I’m singing praises for their newly released gel and edge control. Click here to see how amazing this gel is.  TGIN was created by Chris-Tia Donaldson, Harvard grad attorney who’s Chicago based.  Chris-Tia has been an inspiration me and many; sharing her testimony #thisisonlyatest of her battle with cancer, which is now in remission. (insert hand raise) When something devastating happens to us, it’s natural to want to hide our scars, but Chris-Tia shares her story/scars in such a beautiful and powerful way. I had the opportunity to work with the team last October, and they’re just awesome. 


Hotheads– All my natural ladies, YOU NEED THIS DEEP CONDITIONING CAP IN YOUR LIFE! Yes, it’s that good! This cap is so amazing. It’s filled with flaxseeds; you heat it in the microwave for about a minute, flip around and heat for another minute. It’s a great step to add to your deep conditioning routine. It’s cute, easy to use, and the fact that it’s cordless really affords you the opportunity to do laundry, wash dishes, vaccum and do an array of house hold tasks while you deep condition your hair. It remains hot for up to 20 minutes, and you can reheat as needed. Just be careful though because I over heated mine and it burned off a bit. LOL

A few other Women owned businesses I use and love:

Ven and Rose

Jane Carter Solution


Mielle Organics

The Mane Choice

Camille Rose Naturals

In honorable mention, Beauty by Africa Miranda. Africa is such a treat to follow on social. She’s created this facial elixir that’s getting so many rave reviews. I’m on a specific skin care regimen right now, but this product is on my list of things to get my hands on.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes “A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for other women” Let’s be our sister’s keepers! 

Have you used/tried any of these brands? What are some women owned businesses are you loving? Let me know in the comments section below!







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    I’m really glad you did this! ‘Women supporting women’! ????Gotta try the ‘sweet spot labs’ shower gel!

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